Who would you like to meet off tumblr in real life?
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Oooohhh there’s even a list. straightfacedorgasm​, brillbo, selmagorath​ and niiv​. I’ve been talking to Cory and Jordan for years now, unfortunately they live in The Forgotten Land *titters* Selma lives in a country next to mine but still the circumstances must be extraordinary so the two of us could meet. And finally, I don’t talk to Niiv very often, but she’s become really dear to me. 

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'The Strain' pic set. Would have been a better gif.
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Meh, I don’t like posting or reblogging gifsets whatsoever, I’d rather post pictures. And it takes time to make gifs with text, because I don’t work with Photoshop but with an online image editor and a video to gif converter so a) the result is shitty and b) shrugs sorry you didn’t like it 

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You don't like top make gifs, Red?
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Ily2 bby how are you doing

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Gah so many pictures of food you're making me hungry.
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I know my dear! I couldn’t resist, I had to go to the market to buy all the supplies I need for making one of these delicious specialities.

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/post/88651868294 What film is it?
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hey, is this Jen Titus that's playing on your blog?
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Yes! She’s singing O Death, a traditional American folk song. :) xx

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do you spit or swallow?
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how do you handle dry spots in relationships? do you think people should break up when they no longer have strong feelings for each other?
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Hm. These are damn good questions, so thank you for forcing me to think about this haha.

I personally like to let my relationship flow, as well as the problems in it. Once in a while it’s good and healthy to have a serious conversation with your partner about the problems that you’re encountering from time to time. However, if that becomes a habit, and you find yourself getting… hm, kinda hungry for problems, then you’ve got an issue.
My advice for you is to talk about solving problems with your partner before you even start a serious relationship - simply make a “deal”. When you see that a specific situation might be a problem and might affect your relationship - talk to your partner about it, “look into” the possible problem, and solve it immediately. That way this problem won’t occur again.
But. If you don’t accept the possible presence of the problem and keep it to yourself - you’ll explode. You’ll become manipulative, envious, paranoid and so on. And it’s hard to cut down the root of a tree when it’s already enormous. Think about it - I think that this is how you should deal with problems in a relationship. My opinion, of course.

Anyway, about the breakup… I don’t even know how and under what circumstances that happens haha. How do you even break up ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ” I think that you shouldn’t break up when you feel like the flame is over, because there’s still a tiny spark, and maybe it’s just temporary; maybe those feelings will restore their force?? I’m not sure because I’ve only had one breakup and it was like 3 years ago and it was dumb, plain and emotionless. So… yeah. You shouldn’t break up unless you’re sure that the power is over, that you don’t want to spend time with that person anymore and that you two don’t get along at all. Everything else is solvable.

And remember: love is like a zipper. When it gets damaged, you can fix it up, but the crack is still there and eventually it will get damaged again. This time, permanently. "Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it’s broken… but you can still see the crack in that motherfucking reflection."


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hello i have really been wanting to tell u i have a love crush on u! if you want to know who i am message me on kik! kelseybose4
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do you think it's possible to fall in love again, after your first and only love
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I don’t know. My first and only love is currently happening to me so I can’t really say what happens when it’s over. But one I know for sure: time is one hell of a cure, for anything. (Ok not really anything but yeah.) But you shouldn’t search for love; it will come up to you when you’re ready. Listen to your intuition and don’t lose hope. :) xx

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The loneliness is what kills me. I get those bad news pains, like the ones you feel deep down in your bones when you hear really bad news. I get those every single day, for hours on end. Today they went away for a while haha. My life is meaningless.
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Everyone’s lives are meaningless. But if you weren’t here, everything would be different. You affect many people every day, you affect many situations every day. It’s like history: we can’t change it, and the present is like this because something happened in the past that made it like this. We are what we are because we’ve been what we’ve been, said Sigmund Freud.

Ah, loneliness. Well I don’t have the cure for loneliness but I know how you feel. I’m in a relationship, and other than my boyfriend I don’t really go out or meet people. The problem is (well I don’t really see it as a problem) that I don’t feel comfortable around people and I like spending time alone. But, I don’t like being alone with my thoughts. So I cook, eat, read books, watch movies, TV shows, read interesting stuff on the Internet… There is so much you can do, if you want. Find something that makes you glad you’re alive and don’t give up on it.

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Today I was feeling really bummed out and lonely like always. I was thinking about death and how much I want it. Then I decided to get on Omegle. Where about 100 or so people disconnected before this really cute girl with red hair popped up on cam. She was really cool and funny. We laughed we joked and she had a tumblr, I got a little bit of attention to day that completely made my night. She acted like a good friend and was just being quirky with me. It made me not want to die tonight.
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I am so happy for you. I used to think about death all the time, about how much I didn’t want to exist or to torture myself anymore. But now, to be honest, I am terrified of death. I realized that there really is no point of human existence, which might be a nihilistic side of my personality, and yet I don’t want my life to end. I am really terrified when thinking about how miserable we are in the end and how our lives depend on other people’s laws (or nature’s laws) and I’m afraid that I won’t have time to do everything I wanted to.

I am so happy for you and please live your life to the fullest everyday, some days might be bad, but there is something good in every day, even a tiny spark.


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the jonas brothers or justin bieber
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Hey! I really like your blog it has a beautiful natural mood and it's really, really nice! I'm just curious why did you name it after a Baltimore viral family? I mean it's cool! I'm just curious. I actually found it while I was doing some research for a college project, I googled "Adenoviridae" and your blog popped up! So yeah. Just curious. And sorry if you mentioned it before, I swear I looked for a mention of it and found none. Peace!
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Hello and thanks!

I was doing a biology exam and at the same time I was searching for an URL for my blog, and I wanted it to be just one word, not two, so I wouldn’t separate these words with a dash or something. So I found Adenoviridae and it sounded really good so I took it :)

Actually no one asked me about this, so thanks again!

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